Egon fj. Winkens - Architect

18/10/1928 - 18/6/1982 RIP

40 Year Remembrance 18.6.2022

It was 40 years ago today that the founder of Winkens Architecture Egon Fj. Winkens died unexpectedly of a heart attack. That day shocked our family and it took many years to recover. From a junior architect in employment (by my father) I was principle architect self (un) employed. 1982 was not a boom time. The values that my father installed in me in the short time we worked together stood me we well over the last 40 years. May he rest in peace, he is not forgotten and gives me strength every day.


Founder of Winkens Architecture Egon FJ Winkens was born in Aachen Germany in 1928. Fulfilling his dream he became an Architect and set up his own practice in 1954. In 1959 not content with achievements around the greater Bonn area he (with his family) moved to Los Angeles California U.S.A. to try another life style.

Egon met up with an influence of his life, Richard J. Neutra architect. After a few of years in Neutra’s employment Egon became a partner in the mid 1960’s for a few years. Mainly due to family reasons the Winkens moved back to Germany in 1968. Where Egon again set up his own practice, employing up to a dozen people. Building numerous one-off houses, estates, Office and Government buildings.

Egon and Magda had two sons Falko and Zeno both born in Bonn, Germany. From infancy influenced by his Father’s architecture throughout his life Zeno too became an architect. Zeno was forced to become self-employed and take over the Firm in 1982 by the sudden death of his father (aged 53).

Winkens Architecture became established in Ireland since 1979. To date Zeno still runs the firm.

Below Dr. Gaspard House, L.A., California, USA 1966 - Photos by Julius Shulman, (C) J. Paul Getty Trust - Design by Egon FJ Winkens