Richard J. Neutra - Architect

1892 - 1970 RIP

The architect Richard Josef Neutra, b. Vienna, 1892, d. Apr. 16, 1970, brought the ideals and forms of the INTERNATIONAL STYLE in architecture to Southern California. He studied (1912-14) under Adolf Loos in Vienna and later (1921-23) collaborated with Eric Mendelsohn in Berlin. Neutra moved to the United States in 1923 and for a short time worked for Frank Lloyd Wright near Chicago. His finest buildings, all in the Los Angeles area, were built shortly after he moved to California in 1926. They are notable for their evocative siting and creative use of building technology. The Lovell Health House (1929; Los Angeles), a masterly assimilation of architectural and natural forms, is composed of large glass-andconcrete planes that step up a steep canyon wall. Its prefabricated steel frame was erected in less than 40 hours; its many balconies are suspended from the roof above each plane.

Richard Neutra
Egon Winkens Richard Neutra 1963

By contrast, the von Sternberg House (1936; Northridge, Calif.) has a plan related to Wright’s Prairie Houses, well suited to the flat site; its exterior is sheathed in aluminum painted steel. Neutra is the author of Life and Shape (1962), [Projects and ]Buildings and Projects [(1961)], (Vol I;1926-1949; Vol II; 1950-60; Vol III; 1961- 66) and Survival through Design (1954 and 1969). Taken from The New Grolier Encycopedia.

Egon FJ. Winkens Architect – Richard J. Neutra Architect 1965 Egon FJ. Winkens met up with an influence of his life, Richard J. Neutra architect. After a few of years in Neutra’s employment Egon became a partner in the mid 1960’s for a few years before returning to Germany in 1968..

Below are a few private Winkens photos 1960's.