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Wexford, Ireland
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split level dwellings


JO split level House Co. Wexford

This is a Split level House with curved roof set into hill, Co. Wexford
The bedroom wing is two storey. The Garage to the back is earth bearmed.
Stone gabions will form a big part of the garden.
Go to 3D animations to see a small fly around.
Curved roof Curved roof Curved roof Curved roof
Curved roof Curved roof Curved roof Curved roof
Curved roof Curved roof Curved roof

aw bunclody split level house

This dewlling was completed in September 2011 with a BER rating of A3.
This large 266sqm house with 5 bedrooms looks quite modest from
the road (North)Side.  It is set into this strongly sloping site.
The Living areas have large windows to the south for solar gain.
awp 1 of 10 aw 2 of 10 aw 3 of 10 aw 4 of 10
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wf house

This House was a Show House for FBT / Poroton Blocks.
It has appr. 100sqm per floor.
Theres is a full basement.
Two bedrooms on the first floor share a balcony.
fikentscher FBT 1 of 6 fikentscher FBT 2 of 6 fikentscher FBT 3 of 6
fikentscher FBT 4 of 6 fikentscher FBT 5 of 6 fikentscher FBT 6 of 6


ferrybank house

This House is two story on the south/ slaney side.
And single story ot the north/ road side.
The living room first floor share a balcony.
benning 1 of 6 benning 2 of 6 benning 3 of 6
benning 4 of 6 benning 5 of 6 benning 6 of 6

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