Centre Pier, Galway Harbour – Ideas Competition 2009


Galway Harbour Company was seeking ideas for a significant building to be located on the Centre Pier, in Galway Harbour. The building should reflect Galway’s importance as a maritime and cultural city and offer a clear image and potential branding for the City of the Tribes.
Competitors will be asked to design a building which incorporates a public stage, exhibition area, retail space, marina facilities, tourist information kiosk and commercial offices.

Design considerations.
The main building is inspired by an ocean liner turning. The floors are like decks of a ship.
The amenity spaces around the building are plentiful. With a plaza to the South approached with Tourist Kiosk, Marine Facility building and main entrance to the Four Story Building.
The Cafe enjoys a sunny location with ample room for outside seating.
Public access to the water’s edge is maintained throughout the site.
The large first floor cantilever to the North West provides good shelter from the elements. (Currently showing “Herbie” and the “Bat mobile”).
The back wall of the Venue with it’s folding doors allows the spectator area to be expanded onto this space.
The Third floor roof terrace connected to the restaurant due to its orientation on this level has a sunny aspect most of the day and enjoys good views of the harbor.

The  model shows TV and Movie personalities around can you spot them?

Indiana Jones / Beatles / Lassie / South park 4 / Wall-E  /Charlie Chaplin /2 Storm troupers / Puss in Boots / Wile E Coyote / Herbie 53 Bug / Batmobile / R2 D2