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rmr house 2019 BER A1

This dormer dwelling is a total deep refurbishment of a Cottage.
Triple glazed windows, including the Velux windows.
A heatpump, MHRV, solar panels and a battery installed.
nZEB compliant.
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nZEB RMR 13 of 12 nZEB RMR 14 of 12 nZEB RMR BER A1
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mf house 2007

This dormer dwelling is orientated to maximise solar gain.
It is insulated to a high standard.
A heat recover ventilation system (HRV)is also installed.
Solar panels and a wood pellet boiler help to achive a B1 BER energy rating.
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kk poroton house 2003

This compact dormer dwelling is orientated to maximise solar gain.
2003 built in FBT poroton blockwork. The front has a stone feature.
The living room has a double height feature gallery.
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pz house - solar air heating 1991

The dwelling was designed and built in 1991.
Solar gain was through the south terrace and conservatory.
The main heating system is Solar panels / warm air system,
one of the first in the country.
The entrance hall has a double height space that faces onto the south terrace.
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