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Winkens Architecture
Whitestown, Drinagh
Wexford, Ireland
t. +353(0)53 9126605
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3D animations   past present and future

Split level House Co. Wexford
Got Planning January 2013

This is a Split level House with curved roof set into hill, Co. Wexford
The bedroom wing is two storey. The Garage to the back is earth bearmed.
Stone gabions will form a big part of the garden.

Stone building conversion and extension, flyover.

The brief was to connect, convert and extend two stone buildings.
The proposed new extension is facing the southerly back garden.

Replacement Dwelling Rosslare Co. Wexford
Completed June 2013

This two storey dwelling will replace a Bungalow on a mature hedged site.
The new dwelling will be about the same height as the bungalow
as the bungalow was raised. The proposed House will also be set back a bit more.

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Animated examples here on this page.