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Winkens Architecture
Whitestown, Drinagh
Wexford, Ireland
t. +353(0)53 9126605
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two storey dwellings

Replacement Dwelling Rosslare Co. Wexford

This two storey dwelling replaced a 70's Bungalow on a mature hedged site.
The new dwelling is about the same height as the bungalow was,
as the bungalow was raised. The House is also be set back a bit more.
Go to 3D animations to see a small fly around.
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modern cottage

This dwelling has a clever break/ split level roof,
to allow light into the entire house with the high level windows from the south.
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tower house

This residence has the staircase in a tower near the entrance.
The living room has a double height feature with handrail to the above study.
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